Link DTOX Service

There are 4 key factors, to rank your website on page 1 of Google, the most important being Backlinks. With Penguin and panda, it's important to have Backlinks from websites that have the proper metrics and that have not been banned, of course.

Get your ranks back 

by identifying and removing backlinks from banned domains.

Unfortunately, with Googles ever-changing algorithm, it's important to do a backlink detox once in a while to get rid of links that seem unnatural, especially if you received a "Unnatural inbound l inks" message in your webmaster tools interface, from purchasing them in the past.


Even if you have no google "manual actions" messages, but you have noticed a drastic decrease of traffic and keywords ranks, it means that you were hit by the google panda updates.

The process:

 - extract all domains that have backlinks pointing to your website

 - remove all duplicates and sort all domains in 1 file

 - Start verifing all domains if are indexed in google (not indexed site = banned)

 - Put all non-indexed domains in 1 disavow file and update your WBTools

 - Ranks will start recoverying instantly in 1-2 weeks.


This kind of clean up, as simple as it may seem, takes lots of time to compile. For example 1000 Domains check take about 3-4 days to investigate. 


There is no other way to clean up your site, hire our manual service today and Get your rankings back to where they were!! and even MORE.