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You'll only get live, real-time targeted traffic. No forced pageloads here. Traffic is the life-blood of any online business, without it your sales and cash flow will be minimal. Our services will increase traffic to your site so that you get more sales

 Get Worldwide Visitors directly to your Website.
 You'll only get live, real-time targeted traffic.

 - Real visitor, Real IP
 - Set up your desired click ratio, from 0.1%-30%
 - Secondary clicks are also available
 - Select the Plan that Fits Your Needs
 - Improve alexa ranking, Money and more...
 Get Started growing traffic today

Click traffic packages would send real visitors to your site and also guarantee a percentage (click ratio) of them would click the clicking area you desire.

It is useful in testing clicks to Ad or Votings.

All the clicks are real manual ones, with strict IP control (no repeated clicks from the same IP in 24 hours).

We can set up your desired click ratio, from 0.1%-30%. Besides, secondary clicks are also available.

Origin of click traffic could be set up as required, such as search engines, Directories and so on.

You may set up one pop-up window on your website if you order click traffic. And a portion of real secondary clicks would happen in the pop-up window.

The average distribution of traffic within 15 days.


Q: Why choose us as my traffic provider
A: 100% of our traffic is real visitors. Your websites or ads. will be opened for at least 30 seconds. The last and foremost, our price is the cheapest around the world.

Q: How is my site displayed
A: Advertised URLs are displayed in full page views. Real Visitors will see your entire advertised website.

Q: Where does your traffic come from
A: We have a large network of sites that send us traffic, we are providing real unique visitors to your website, absolutely NO SPAM is used to obtain this traffic. We also use some abandoned domain names that are still getting a lot of traffic to them and are targeted to the item you are selling or promoting. Visitors comes from all over the world.

Q: How do I choose the type of traffic required
A: If the global traffic unrestricted to the relatively simple, We have a lot of traffic in Asia, However, in specific regions of the user may not be applicable, If the designated areas and language users to access, It will be a small part of the user, So no way to ensure that the number of users within the specified time to visit, Only aggregate statistics to the number of users, So the main purpose to see you buy traffic, if you want to sell products, it is best to buy special traffic, if only to increase traffic, increase rankings, on the visitor does not matter, then buy cheap Visit Traffic or Click Traffic.

Q: The difference between visit traffic click traffic and special traffic
A: Visit Traffic: As long as viewers saw on the calculation of time, where viewers see, but not necessarily to Click.

Click Traffic: Viewers saw after the calculation and click on the first, where not calculate the actual views, the views will be much higher than the actual number of clicks.

Special Traffic: And as above, only those hits, but surfers source address and the language can be selected, only the special region and language viewers to see.

Q: How long will it take to process my order
A: Orders are processed within 48 hours. In fact, most of the orders we receive are processed within 24 hours.

Q: How to count The traffic
A: Any counter could be used to count the traffic we send, such as Yahoo Analytics, Gostats, but please put it on the top of the page. We are confident to guarantee adequate traffic because we usually will send 26000-30000IP to you when you just ask for 25000IP/day.

Q: Why statistics and scheduled discrepancies
Recommend that you put the analytics code on the top of the page.

General traffic will differ, we will relax the appropriate time, if a lot less please contact us, we will compensate your traffic.

If you are using a graphic-based (for example, StatCounter) or JavaScript counter (for example, Google Analytics), then your counter can show smaller amount of received visitors comparing to the number of purchased.

Many of our surfers switch off graphics and/or JavaScript and the counter button/code doesn't load. Obviously, visits for these users will not be counted. You have to factor in if your counter loaded to record the hit. This is one reason why you shouldn't be using a counter, but rather a url that can track the hits before the page loads.

That's why we recommend some server statistics software (for example, Webalizer or AWStats) or some tracking service (for example, TEToolbox or HitsConnect) to make sure that our delivery rate is very close to 100% accurate.

Q: Do you generate hits using SPAM or other unscrupulous techniques
A: ABSOLUTELY NOT. The traffic we deliver is legitimate. We never send out mass emails or post to newsgroups. We do not use fake or unethical techniques to deliver traffic to our clients' websites.