Social Media Package

Social is the new SEO! Establish a strong social media platform for effective promotion & marketing. High Authority Social Activities from PR10 PR9 PR8 SMM sites to Rank your website higher.

Increase Your Site Visibility With Our Top Quality Social Media Package and Social Signals

If you have just built a website for your business or having an already established website, you may be wondering how to get people to visit it

When a website is able to generate good traffic, it means that it has better chances of getting more clients or customers. Now everybody knows that the most targeted traffic is the one that comes from search engines. So Social Activities is the most important factor in Today`s SEO. Often named the new SEO!

In this Social Package we will do High Authority Social Activities from PR10 PR9 PR8 SMM sites to Rank your website higher in search engines and increase your website visibility / exposure.

The Social Media Pack consists in the following services:


5000 Social Signals:

►► 4,200+ Facebook Website Likes (PR-9)
►► 200+ Twitter ReTweets (PR-10)
►► 200+ Twitter Likes (PR-10)
►► 200+ Facebook website Shares (PR-9)
►► 100+ Pinterest Likes (PR-9)
►► 50+ Pinterest Pins (PR-9)
►► 50+ Google plus ones (PR-9)


Social Posting and remarketing/resharing:

01. 1 Facebook Share + 800 Likes + 5 Reshares
02. 1 twitter tweets + 4 Retweets + 4 Favorites
03. 1 Pinterest pin + 7 Repins
04. 1 Google Plus post + 5 plus1 votes + 4 reshares
05. 1 Delicious bookmarks + 1 Likes
06. 1 StumbleUpon submission + 1 Likes
07. 1 Myspace post + 1 Likes
08. 1 Storify post + 1 Likes
09. 1 LinkedIn Post + 1 Likes
10. 1 Wordpress post + 1 Likes


FB Groups Posting Service:
Be seen by Millions of Active FB Groups members
Manual Posting in over 40 FB Groups


FB Posts on very high traffic FB Fanpages

10 Big Facebook Posts on 10 Fanpages that have in total 500k active fans


200+ Linkedin Shares


5 related SubReddit Posts

Publish Your Link on 5 related SubReddit get HQ traffic​. Real 100% manual


Google Plus Groups Posts

Post your link 20 google plus nich related group


20 Kinja. Com Social Shares

20 From 20 Unique Profiles



All work will be completed in 5-7 days. Complete reports will be provided.


What can you expect out of this Social Campaign?

You can expect receiving about 20-25k unique visits from all the above social platforms. Traffic with less than 60% Bounce rate.

We accept:
Any website,blog new post, update news, youtube video, Fan page or any URL
(Don't allow porn sites)

High authority Social activities is the wave of the future, as it shows what's popular and brings you targeted ORGANIC TRAFFIC to YOUR SITE!