Web 2.0 Blog Post Backlinks

The Web 2.0 Blog Post Backlink Package boosts your rankings. You get a backlink from an article / blog post from a Web 2.0 site. This article is absolutely content related to your niche.

Build Quality Trusted One Way Backlinks to Your Website

Buy Web 2.0 Blog Post Backlinks


Your article is generated by merging 10 articles from the web. So you get a completely new article. We spin paragraphs, sentences and words for each backlink we create for you.

This gives us the ability to generate 100% copyscape passed articles. This makes it easy to get the articles and your backlink indexed.

To make sure each article and each backlink gets noticed by google we submit the article links to indexification. The drip feed option of Indexification is automatically set to 10 days..

Additionally, we generate comment backlinks to your newly generated articles. 
Your backlinks will be inserted randomly into the article to avoid possible footprints. The article itself is well formatted with paragraphs and Tags. 



You can hand in unlimited URLs and keywords. This makes the Web 2.0 Blog Post Package extremely Panda- and Penguin-friendly. 

Furthermore, all article links come from unique domains. This will give you an excellent domain pop and IP pop.

After completion you will receive a detailed report with all your links, posted URLs, anchor texts, dofollow / nofollow attribute and domain PageRank.

This allows you to build more links on the Tier2 level to these articles.
The turn around times is normally less than 48h.
We use different Web 2.0 platforms to ensure a brilliant link mix. This can be a Dolphin, Jcow, Elgg or Moodle system.

This package will serve you a nice link and anchor diversification and will definitively boost your rankings.

Our Web 2.0 Backlink Database includes: 
- Several .gov and .edu links 
- Dofollow and Nofollow links
- High PR Domain links (PR7, PR6 etc.)

You can choose between different package sizes. From 25 to 500 links.

Each domain will give you one contextual link from a 100% copyscrape passed article.


What makes Web 2.0 links so essential?

- You get contextual links
- Improves your Link/IP/Domain diversity
- 500 unique domains
- Your keyword(s) as anchor text
- Unlimited keywords/URLs
- Free Indexification.com Submission to get links crawled by google
- All packages include backlinks to your articles as Tier2
- Very detailed report (including published Web 2.0 posts, so you can blast links to it)
- Fast order delivery, most of the time less than a few hours.
- Affordable prices
- One way backlinks
- 100% copyscape passed articles
- Mix of dofollow / nofollow links
- Supports special chars like Chinese, Greek, etc...